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We are a company specialized in renting apartments and luxury houses in Madrid. We are aware that from the moment a person leaves their home until they return to it, the responsibility for their comfort in their second home is eternally ours.


24/7 Service

24/7 Service

Servicio personalizado

Personalized service


A unique stay with a high standard of quality

You are the first


Exclusivity and luxury rooms on the city

Just enjoy, we take care of the rest

We work 24 hours a day to make our clients feel comfortable, so we accompany them in the process from the moment of arrival to their departure.

There is no place like home

We prepare each house professionally before your arrival. From the cleaning, revision of the furniture, kitchen utensils so that everything is complete. Our houses are equipped with exclusive linens, accessories and bath products. We are especially sensitive on every detail, looking for you to live an extraordinary stay.


Dream about your next vacation

We will make your dreams come true

Our clients are characterized by having very high quality standards, so we start from looking for the best positioned and oriented flats, taking care of the space and distribution of the house, near to turistic points, restaurants and luxury shops, etc.

In addition to our most demanded services, just ask us what you want and we will try to make it real; Parties, events, experiences, catering, etc. We are specialized not only in hosting our customers, but also in bringing them to our beautiful city, so we will be happy to organize their trip to really look like they live in it.

Ready for a memorable stay?

We will surprise you with our offer of unforgettable experiences 365 days a year. Start planning your stay in the capital today to enjoy the exclusivity and comfort of LuxaHome